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Empowering Women, Transforming Communities: Welcome to Crafts by Solid ateliers - Because we care

Welcome to Crafts by Solid handworkshops, where WFTO certified workshops in Peru, India, and Kenya empower women beyond creating beautiful products. Through our ateliers, we redefine empowerment by offering pathways to independence and self-worth. Partnering with us means investing in social change, as we prioritize fair trade practices and sustainable initiatives. Together, let's shape a world where every woman's potential thrives without limit.
Crafts by Solid Knitting Moms Peruvian Artisans

Knitting for a better life in Peru

Crafts by Solids Knitting Workshop, known as Manta, is a hub of sustainable craftsmanship and empowerment in the Peruvian Andes. Established in 2011, it produces high-quality knitwear while providing fair employment to over 190 underprivileged women. With a team of 16 professionals, Manta focuses on upskilling its artisans and uses ethically sourced materials like alpaca and organic cotton. Every stitch reflects this commitment to social impact and quality, significantly improving the lives of its artisans and the communities in which they operate.

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Crafts by Solid Indian Artisans

Empowering Tribal Artisans: Crafts by Solid's Indian Workshop

Crafts by Solid's Indian Handworkshop, known as Paces Crafts, in Jharkhand, India, is a symbol of hope for tribal women facing adversity. Despite the region's challenges, the workshop provides refuge and opportunity for 60 artisans, empowering them with traditional hand-weaving skills and essential life training. Crafts by Solid's constant dedication to their well-being promotes resilience and economic empowerment through programs in health, human rights, and childcare support. Stitch by stitch, the cycle of poverty is broken with each thread woven in Crafts by Solid's workshop, telling a tale of hope and long-lasting influence.

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Crafts by Solid Kenyan Artisans Collection

Empowering Women and Protecting Nature: Hadithi Crafts, Crafts by Solid's Kenyan Ally

Hadithi Crafts, in partnership with Crafts by Solid, empowers over 2000 women in Kenya's Kasigau region, providing economic independence and commitment to environmental conservation amidst challenges like poverty and environmental degradation. By supporting Hadithi sales, you directly contribute to protecting the fragile ecosystem of the Kasigau region while fostering fair income generation. Through training programs and economic diversification, this partnership promotes community development. Your support for Hadithi Crafts is more than commerce; it's a commitment to women's empowerment, cultural preservation, and environmental conservation, advancing sustainability one basket at a time.

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