Your Needs, Our Services

Welcome to "Your Needs, Our Services"! Here, you'll discover tailored solutions for your brand. From White Label's diverse collection to Tailoirmade and our Off-The-Shelf Collection of sustainable baskets, we simplify your brand journey.

  • Our White Label Collection

    White Label offers a collection, catering to various brand identities. Our artisans handcraft each product to reflect your brand essence, ensuring high quality and ethical standards. Simplify your brand building process with our hassle-free approach.

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  • Our Tailormade Collection

    Discover personalized handcrafted knitwear from artisans in Ayacucho, Peru, crafted specifically for socially conscious brands worldwide. Crafts by Solid prioritizes ethical production and sustainability. Contact us to learn more about our personalized services .

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  • Off-The-Shelf Collection

    Explore our Off-The-Shelf Collection, a fusion of versatility, style, and sustainability embodied in handcrafted baskets.

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