Hadithi Crafts, Solid's esteemed collaborator in Kenya, stands as a beacon of empowerment and sustainability in the South-East of Kenya, nestled amidst the Tsavo East and West National Parks. This partnership with over 2000 women from the Kasigau region offers a pathway to economic independence and environmental stewardship, combating the pervasive shadow of poverty in the semi-arid area.

Hadithi Crafts, operating through numerous basket weaving groups, impacts over 2000 families, fostering fair income generation and combating threats like wildlife poaching and deforestation. The name "Hadithi" meaning "a story" in Swahili, reflects the unique narratives woven into each basket, supporting artisans and their families while preserving cultural traditions.

Poverty is a major issue in an area where unpredictable weather frequently ruins crops, forcing people to look for other sources of income. With its lifeline of economic opportunities for women, Hadithi Crafts promotes self-sufficiency and breaks the cycle of poverty that swallows the Kasigau community.

The spectacular yet delicate ecosystem of the Kasigau region is threatened by deforestation and wildlife hunting. Through Hadithi Crafts, people may help maintain sustainable practices that protect this ecosystem and sustainably sustain local families, creating a balance between economic growth and environmental preservation.