About Crafts By Solid


Taking underprivileged women out of poverty and empower them

Because we can’t stand injustice! Because we care! 

Our mission is to take poor girls and women in the least developed regions of Peru, India and Kenia out of poverty through sustainable economic development. When women have control over the household money, this has positive impact on the overall well-being of the family. Women will spend their income on their families. Children can go to school, which increases their chances of a better future. It is the way towards breaking the cycle of poverty (World Bank).


By creating fair jobs for girls and women in the poorest regions of Peru, India and Kenia

We establish sustainable handicraft workplaces where disadvantaged people can be employed in an honest and fair way. Solid Crafts strive to economically empower formerly marginalised women through qualitative, elevated, sustainable, dignified, authentic and exemplary handicraft workshops. We promise to tell the story of the courage and skill of these triumphant women who are artisanal experts. 

Financial independence and enhancement of women’s well-being is the guiding principle in everything we do.

The profit generated by Solid Crafts is invested back into the community through in social projects such as assisting teenage mothers, supporting refugees and sheltering and nurturing abused children. 


Accelerate sustainable growth and empower women through our fair, social workshops

We bring in business knowledge, mentoring and a global sales market to our workshops in Peru, India and Kenia. By improving the business of our partners—and of course the sales range—more products are sold and more jobs are created. We share strategic and practical knowledge across the value chain, and the creation of sustainable business models and long-term relationships are indispensable to establish successful businesses. We create lasting impact, and give underprivileged women a chance to use their skills and to improve their futures.

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