Crafts by Solid – Where Your Brand’s Success Meets Sustainability.

Crafts by Solid is your trusted full-service partner in sustainable fashion, lifestyle, and interiors.
We specialize in providing high-quality, ethically crafted handcrafted products designed to elevate your brand. Our tailormade solutions offer customizable handcrafted items that resonate with your brand's identity, while our white label collection offerings seamlessly integrate our sustainable pieces into your product line.

With a focus on ethical excellence in craftsmanship, every product we create is a testament to our commitment to ethics and aesthetics. Because how it is made, does matter, we ensure that our production processes prioritize sustainability and ethical practices.

Partner with us to unite style and sustainability, and together, let's use fashion and interiors as a force of good in the world of business.

Discover how Crafts by Solid can be your reliable full-service partner for all your sustainable needs.

Crafts by Solid - Handmade with heart in Peru, India, Kenya. Coordinated from Belgium.

Fashion & interior as a force for good

Fashion and interior design can be forces for good. In an era where both industries contribute to major strains on vulnerable communities and the global climate, conscious consumers and brands collaborate to create sustainable, fair trade products. Handcrafted and unique, Crafts by Solid transcends traditional boundaries by producing items that not only look good on you and in your living space but also benefit the planet.

Crafts by Solid partners with local artisans in Peru, India, and Kenya to preserve age-old traditions and improve the livelihoods of skilled yet economically disadvantaged women. By focusing on empowerment, we believe in creating a ripple effect: If you empower a woman, you empower a whole community. Our collections, spanning from fashion to home decor, reflect our commitment to ethical practices, exceptional quality, and the story of resilience behind each piece.

Join us in our journey to redefine beauty in fashion and interiors, where every item tells a story of change, empowerment, and sustainable elegance.

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  • Our mission

    Our mission at Crafts by Solid is to craft elegance in handcrafted goods for global brands, embracing tradition while elevating impeccable quality. From the meticulous kantha stitching in India to the fine artisan knitwear of Peru and the robust sisal processing in Kenya—examples of our diverse craftsmanship—we are committed to showcasing the unparalleled skill of our artisans. Operating from the heart of fashion in Belgium, we prioritize transparency, clear communication, and a curated process that guarantees a seamless experience for all stakeholders. By focusing on handcrafted excellence, we redefine manufacturing, offering private-label products that resonate with values of craftsmanship, sustainability, and enduring relationships. Join us in weaving a future where every creation not only embodies high-quality craftsmanship but also contributes to the empowerment of artisans and the preservation of global traditions.

  • Our Vision

    At Crafts by Solid, our aspiration is to be the preferred production partner for handmade fashion, interior, and lifestyle products, elevating tradition while setting new standards for quality and sustainability in the industry. Our vision is to bridge the gap between local artisans and the global market, delivering products that connect hearts and celebrate the rich tapestry of global artisan craftsmanship. We envision a future where every product not only tells a story of passion, tradition, and impeccable craftsmanship but also underscores our pivotal role as a production partner at the heart of strengthening these connections vision