Tailormade Production

At Crafts by Solid, we offer tailored solutions across India, Peru, and Kenya. Managing the full production chain allows us to create customized pieces that meet your exact needs. From kantha stitching, crochet, handweaving, and quilting in India to exceptional handknitwear in Peru and unique handweaving techniques in Kenya, we provide personalized solutions that enhance your brand's identity. Choosing our services guarantees quality, ethical production, and a commitment to sustainability. Partner with us for authentic, impactful creations that resonate globally. Our flexible and multilingual team in Belgium takes care of all customer concerns, ensuring you can offer a high-quality, ethically finished product to your end customers.

Knits, Wovens, Kantha Stitched & Quilted Sari Fabrics


At Crafts by Solid, we specialize in tailormade production from India and Peru, leveraging the rich heritage of kantha stitching, crochet, handweaving, and quilting in India, and the exceptional craftsmanship of handknitwear in Peru. Our focus is on creating fair fashion that not only celebrates traditional techniques but also ensures ethical production practices.

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Crafs by Solid Handwoven Sari Bag India

Bags & accessories


Experience the joy of tailor-made treasures, where every knit and stitch celebrates the rich heritage of Kenya, India, and Peru. From handwoven palm leaf and sisal bags to intricately woven, recycled, and upcycled vintage sari bags and scrunchies, indulge in the finest craftsmanship from around the world. These are just a few examples of the bespoke creations we offer. Our personalized creations reflect the unique cultural tapestry of each region, ensuring that every piece tells a story of tradition, passion, and purpose. You name it, we make it – join us in celebrating global artistry at its finest.

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Crafts by Solid Tailormade Homeware for Scapa Home

Throws, rugs, cushions, baskets & many more


At Crafts by Solid, we specialize in bespoke production of homeware, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and traditions around the world. From Peruvian hand-knitted blankets to Indian hand-crocheted rugs, woven cushions, kantha throws, and more, our range encompasses a variety of high-quality, ethically produced homeware that celebrates craftsmanship and sustainability.

Our focus is on preserving traditional craft techniques such as handweaving, quilting, and hand-knitting, while striving for fair production practices and sustainability in every aspect of our work.

Explore our collection further to discover a wide array of examples of sustainable and ethically handmade homeware, from exquisite Peruvian blankets to intricately crafted Indian cushions.

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  • Step 1 - Presenting Your Custom Production Journey

    Comprehensive Introduction and Agreement: Initially, we present an in-depth overview of Crafts by Solid's capabilities and services, showcasing the extensive possibilities available for your project. Following this presentation, upon agreement with our general conditions, we proceed to a detailed discussion focused on the technical specifics of your order.

  • Step 2 - Production Specifications and Design Consultation: Yarn, Trims, and Customization

    Production Specifications: The journey begins with us receiving your specifications. We and the local team carefully process these details, translating them to ensure clear communication with our workshops, choosing the right yarns and techniques, and crafting initial prototypes. You'll review these prototypes to suggest any modifications, ensuring the end product matches your exact needs.

    Sourcing: Working with us and our local team offers access to a broad selection of materials. We provide expert advice to navigate these options, focusing on both technical requirements—like lead times, minimums, and care instructions—and aesthetics, including drape, volume, and feel, alongside pricing, to find the best fit for your project.

  • Step 3 - Prototype Development & Quality Assurance

    1st Sampling: We craft your first prototype samples using available yarn, typically within 3 to 6 weeks (excluding transport). Our team works closely with you to develop a sample that meets your specifications and desires.

    Quality Assurance: Our expertise lies in crafting highly specialized, handknit items at scale without compromising on quality. Our robust quality control system, including continuous monitoring and adherence to internal protocols, ensures every piece matches the technical specifications.

    Fit Adjustments: Following the initial review, we offer a period of 2 to 6 weeks to make any necessary fit comments and corrections, ensuring the final product aligns perfectly with your vision.

  • Step 4 - Final Sampling & Accessory Integration

    2nd Sampling: Typically, the second sampling phase is for producing sales samples, usually completed within 45-120 days, depending on yarn type and quantity. Additional sampling rounds are available as needed, but this stage commonly aligns with salesmen sampling.

    Quality Assurance: As detailed earlier, we enforce strict quality control from start to finish, ensuring every piece adheres to the highest standards of craftsmanship.

    Trims Development: This involves selecting and developing all additional components like brand and size labels, hang tags, buttons, and zippers. The process can take 30-60 days, subject to the complexity and iterations. To streamline production, ensure all trims are approved at the order placement. Bear in mind, trim orders have high minimums, recommending consolidation for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

  • Step 5 - Production and Finishing Process

    Design Approval: Prior to placing an order, all designs must be fully approved to ensure a seamless start to production.

    Expert Supervision: We employ a team of well-trained, full-time supervisors to oversee our artisans throughout the production process. Their role is crucial in managing progress and upholding the exceptional quality standards we promise.

    Comprehensive Quality Inspection: After the production is complete, our supervisors and management team perform an exhaustive inspection of each item. This final step ensures every piece meets our rigorous quality expectations before delivery.

  • Step 6 - Packing and Shipping Process

    Packing Excellence: Our dedicated packing team understands the importance of presentation, ready to accommodate your needs with stickers, barcodes, replacement button kits, and specific folding styles. To minimize our ecological footprint, we offer Oxo-biodegradable packaging and strive to pack as many items as possible in each bag, reducing packaging use in agreement with our customers.

    Seamless Shipping Support: We are here to guide you through the entire shipping process, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey for your products. From providing logistical support to navigating customs and logistics, our team is committed to assisting you every step of the way, ensuring your goods arrive safely and on time.

  • Step 7 - Consistent Communication

    Throughout the entire process, our focus on clear and consistent communication ensures that every production challenge is manageable. We understand the importance of information flow and strive to maintain open channels of communication with our clients. Our team is experienced in troubleshooting and will keep you informed about all relevant details, including local holidays, technical specifications, and projected timelines. This approach is designed to bring your collection to life with the least amount of stress possible, ensuring you're always in the loop regarding production updates and schedules.

  • Step 8 - Showcasing Real Impact

    Partnering with us also means you're supporting a talented group of artisans, predominantly women, along with some men, contributing to a meaningful cause. This collaboration not only provides essential jobs to deserving individuals but also promotes responsible fashion. We're committed to helping you amplify your brand's impact, offering our artisans as models and providing you with striking images, testimonials, and communication materials. These resources allow you to share the stories of the individuals crafting your products, each one embodying resilience and hope for a brighter future through their work on your fair trade items.

  • From Dream to Reality: Empowering Communities through Handknit Creations with Solid

    "Meeting Solid was really a dream come true. Shortly before we got introduced, I had this big dream of producing fair and honest in Peru, and helping an entire village earn an honest wage. Yet, as a 23y old, I had no single clue how to get started. Our paths crossed, for a reason. Now, 13 years later I couldn't be prouder of the work we have done together and the good we have achieved. I absolutely love working with Solid. Just like the work they do, they are also warm and honest, in every single way."

    - Ellen Kegels, LNKnits

  • Exceptional Kantha Jackets: A Cut Above the Rest

    "I am always on the lookout for really well-made kantha jackets in various lengths. These products beat them all!"

    - Vigdis, Scandinavian retailer

  • Handwoven Marvels: Marina's Review on Exceptional Baskets

    "I recently had the opportunity to personally view the handwoven baskets we ordered, and I was thoroughly impressed. The quality is exceptional, with a keen attention to detail and a clear dedication to showcasing their origin. Seeing them in person at the office only reinforced my appreciation; they are truly fantastic. We've started distributing them, and the response from our employees has been overwhelmingly positive. These baskets are not only very nice but also embody a level of craftsmanship that is genuinely appreciated."

    - Marina, Cigna Healthcare

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