Collection: Fashion

Empowerment Through Artistry

Within the confines of Crafts by Solid's workshop, these resilient women find not only refuge but also opportunity. Each artisan, regardless of their background, contributes a unique skill and story to the collective tapestry, weaving threads of perseverance and determination while mastering the art of hand-weaving.

Creating Lasting Impact, Stitch by Stitch

Crafts by Solid's Indian Handworkshop goes beyond economic empowerment, prioritizing the well-being and growth of its artisans. Through initiatives addressing human rights awareness, healthcare access, and childcare facilities, the workshop fosters a supportive environment for mothers and artisans alike, ensuring a brighter future for all involved.

Community and Impact

Currently, Crafts by Solid's Indian workshop proudly sustains a community of 60 such artisans, each contributing a unique skill and story to our collective tapestry. Through Solid's Indian workshop, they not only master the art of hand-weaving but also cultivate confidence and discover new avenues for growth.

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