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Alpaca Blanket Conchita (150x163cm)

Alpaca Blanket Conchita (150x163cm)

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Blankets with a luxury feel

These lightweight, luxurious blankets are handknitted by our knitting ladies in Ayacucho, Peru in various colours and patterns, to match your interior just perfectly. The use of alpaca wool gives it an extra advantage. Alpacas are native to the Peruvian highlands, where temperatures often fall well below zero degrees. Therefore, their wool possesses extremely effective insulating properties, thanks to its hollow fibers. Similar to mohair blankets, these special hollow yarns trap your body heat even more effectively than wool, and help to keep you warm and cosy, even on the coldest of days.

100% handmade in Peru

Care & Use

Handwashing will add years to the life of your knits. Drying cabinet is a no-go.
Dry your knitwear garment flat on a towel if possible.

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