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Silk Cushion Cover - Natural - Large 90 x 90cm

Silk Cushion Cover - Natural - Large 90 x 90cm

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Cushions are the perfect decoration item, easy and quick to change, adding instant coziness, comfort and luxury to your home. Our cushions are handmade from repurposed local silk saris, found in every woman’s wardrobe in India, demonstrating a real example of the circular economy. Weaving these silk sari ribbons gives the cushions a soft subtle shiny look and feel. Available in light shades of silk or a subtle touch of colour, with our dip dye version. Discover which one suits your interior best.

We have cushions in plain natural colours as well as dip dyed cushions with ice blue, emerald green, sunny yellow and cacao brown.

100% handmade in India

A cushion filling can be bought separately at Tales by Solid.

The smaller version measures 45 * 45 cm, which fits a cushion filling of 50 * 50 cm.
The larger version measures 90 * 90 cm, which fits a cushion filling of 100 * 100 cm.


Clean with mild soap or special shampoo for silk - Soak silk 3 to 5 minutes in lukewarm water - While soaking, gently move back and forth (no wringing) - As soon as silk is wet, be careful, for silk is more fragile when wet - After handwashing for 5 min, rinse the fabric with cold water, where after adding a teaspoon of wine vinegar, to remove possible soap residue - Roll the silk in a dry cloth to remove remaining water - Roll silk out flat and pull the edges to make it straight - If you find a loose thread, cut it with scissors. Do not pull.

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