We're WFTO Certified!

We're WFTO Certified!

As a guaranteed member of WFTO, we are committed to fair business practices that place people and the planet first.


At Crafts by Solid, obtaining WFTO certification was more than just a box to be checked; it was the confirmation of our solid commitment to global sustainability and fair trade principles. Because we wanted to share our fair trade action through a well known label. 


We started the process by following specific procedures to make sure all our internal policies complied with the strict guidelines set forth by WFTO. The task was huge and involved four countries: Peru, India, Kenya, and Belgium. We ensured that every aspect of our business operations conformed with WFTO's requirements.  

After completing our self-evaluation and implementing updated procedures throughout our international workshops, rigorous audits were conducted. On site audits were performed in Kenya and India. As Crafts by Solid’s Peruvian knitwear workshop was already many years having the fair trade label, it had an audit on site last year. Independent external auditors did a thorough and in-dept analysis, reviewing documents, conducted a virtual office tour, and interviewed team members and artisans. The audit report was reviewed again by a WFTO committee before our official membership status was granted in November 2023.

For us, having the WFTO certification is a way to convey in one image, the actions that have been embedded in our work since the start. It increases confidence in our methods and approach and shows new opportunities of improvement, being part of a worldwide same minded community.

Every purchase made from Crafts by Solid not only improves lives but also takes care of both people and planet, as we stay true to our commitment of upholding fair trade principles. If you’re a conscious brand and want to offer your clients WFTO certified products we’ll invite you to work with us as we work hard towards a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

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